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Formed in 1987 the Liron Choir is part of the Jewish and multicultural Melbourne musical landscape. The choir has a vast repertoire of Hebrew, Yiddish and English songs and sings at both Jewish community and multicultural events throughout Melbourne. In 2006 Liron launched its CD Liron – a Decade of Song which has been highly acclaimed and well received.



History of the Liron Choir

Musical Directors

The Liron Choir was formed in 1987 in Melbourne, Australia, by Itzik Meron and his wife Liora. The name ‘Liron’ is made up from the first part of Liora’s name and the end of Itzik’s surname. Itzik arranged and conducted the music, mostly accompanying the choir himself on the guitar. Being an Israeli, he taught mainly Modern Hebrew songs and brought many other Israelis to the choir giving it a vibrant and lively flavour.

When Itzik and Liora left Australia to return to Israel, a young and talented Sam Schwartz, took over direction with accompanist Elana Feinberg (as she was then) and later Anatoly Gelbak.

In 1994 Julian Duband, became the third director of the choir and held that position until 2007. Under Julian’s leadership his brother Maurice became accompanist. During that time, the choir consolidated and increased its repertoire further, carrying on the traditions of past directors with an emphasis on Modern Hebrew, Yiddish and English. It was in the last two years of his leadership that the choir recorded a CD Liron – A Decade of Song (click here to listen to some of the recorded songs).

In 2007 Maurice Duband became the third director of choir Director with a new accompanist, Joel Reicher. Through Maurice’s musical leadership the choir’s repertoire has grown to include some classical and folk favourites.



The choir has sung for many years at major communal celebrations and commemorations. Some of the highlights include singing at the Ben Gurion Oration at the Concert Hall where the then Prime Minister Bob Hawke was the VIP and at the Yitzchak Rabin Memorial Concert which was attended by his son, Yuval Rabin.

Liron sings at many multicultural festivals and community events which have included Melbourne International Festival of Choirs, Australian National Choral Association Community Choirs Festival, Jewish Sacred and Folk Music concert at the Uniting Church Toorak, ‘Concert In The Park’, Yom Ha’atzmaut Concerts, Yom Ha’shoa and Yom Ha’zikaron Commemorations and B’nei Brith ‘Night of Stars’ concerts.

Since its inception, Liron has regularly entertained the residents of the Montefiore Homes for the Aged and The Emmy Monash Homes. Some of the choir members also performed at the ‘Tuesday Club’ at Kadimah in Elsternwick.

The choir continues enthusiastically to expand its horizons and is happy to perform at diverse events, including simchas and corporate functions.


Liron – A Decade of Song

In 2006 Liron launched a CD Liron – A Decade of Song under the helm of Julian Duband as conductor, arranger and producer (click here to listen to some of the recorded songs). The CD has been highly acclaimed and well received. The archivist at Monash University responsible for the Jewish archives included a copy of the CD in the archives as it is the first CD of non-liturgical songs recorded by a Melbourne Jewish choir of mixed gender.


Music sung by the Liron Choir

Excerpts from the Liron Choir CD: Liron – A Decade of Song


image of Liron Choir at Mitzvah Day

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The Liron Choir rehearses at 8pm on Monday nights in Caulfield, Victoria.
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You can contact us at:

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